Expert witness testimony remains a foundation of many aspects of legal practice. The credibility of expert witnesses often comes under intense scrutiny, and many icons have been defrocked over the years.

Dr. Souviron has become a veteran at expert testimony. He has contributed testimony for both sides of the Bar in literally hundreds of legal actions, ranging from dental malpractice, implantology, dental product liability, bite mark evidence in law enforcement cases, independent medical examinations, TMJ cases, disability determinations, identity determinations from dental evidence, insurance actions, dental traumatology and dental fraud.

A seasoned witness,  Dr. Souviron is comfortable on the witness stand, and has the experience, maturity and unparalleled credentials to be able to ward off the inevitable attacks on his testimony from opposing counsel. He has been accepted as a Forensic expert, dental TMJ expert and general dentist expert in numerous jurisdictions including more than 20 states. His expertise is used in criminal as well as both State and Federal civil courts.

In fact, this credibility comes from the tens of thousands of hours that Dr. Souviron has spent "paying his dues".  This includes his co-founding the American Board of Forensic Odontology, chairing various ethics committees, and dedication to the integrity of forensic science. His credibility is reflected by the thousands of hours receiving and teaching continuing education in forensic science, TMJ, and dental reconstruction.  He has most recently been featured on the CBS program Sixty Minutes for his opinions and experience regarding the facts and fictions surrounding the forensic use of bite mark evidence.

Richard R. Souviron, DDS, is not the "academic" witness who is easily mocked on the witness stand. He lives and practices his brand of high end diagnosis and curative dentistry every day.

He is intense about it.             He is enthusiastic about it.

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