Independent Medical Examination


Independent Medical Examination is an important service to the public as well as the legal community.

An important function of IME’s is to identify malingerers whose abuse of the "system" ends up costing all of us more money in the form of higher insurance premiums.

A second function of the IME is to independently review the merits of potential litigation cases.  Dr. Souviron is called upon to evaluate damages and determine permanence or lack there of. Cases without merit choke the courts and again cost the community as well as the principals involved, time and expense.

A third function of the IME is to assure appropriate determination of disability from trauma and or malpractice, as insurance payments and jury awards are linked to damages. Dr. Souviron has provided invaluable expertise to Defense firms in cases of disability for the dental practitioner. He also has reviewed cases for the State involving dental Medicaid/Medicare fraud.

Richard R Souviron, DDS has reviewed many cases for both Plaintiff and Defense firms in trauma cases as well as medical/legal questions.

Richard R. Souviron, DDS is a highly respected independent medical examiner with over 40 years experience in dealing with dental trauma, TMJ, dental malpractice, disability claims, workers compensation and dental oncology. His testimony has been presented in courts in over 20 States and extensively throughout the State of Florida.

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