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Richard R. Souviron, DDS, has a career’s worth of experience in assisting law enforcement agencies around the country. He is a frequent lecturer on the recognition and preservation of dental evidence at crime scenes and the interpretation of pattern injuries and bite marks. He is an associate Medical Examiner for Miami Dade County, Florida and has been called upon in this capacity to evaluate pattern injuries left by tools, teeth and blunt trauma injuries. He has evaluated, documented and preserved bite mark evidence left in objects such as gum, food, candy, cheese, etc. from crime scenes.

Dr. Souviron has assisted law enforcement agencies in evaluating evidence in cases of serial killers such as Gerald Schaffer, Ted Bundy and Christopher Wilder.

Dr. Souviron is frequently called upon to verify Forensic evidence, including bite mark evidence and dental evidence involving identification of deceased individuals that are otherwise unidentifiable.  Many times identifications are done without the use of any dental records. Smiling photographs are used comparing anti and post mortem dental features to formulate an identification.

Dr. Souviron's accolades include letters of appreciation from law enforcement dignitaries including U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno.  Dr. Souviron has given expert testimony many times over his 35+ year career in both Federal as well as State courts throughout the nation.

This experience in front of a jury in high profile cases has provided in valuable experience in preparing jury aids/display and assistance to the attorney for both direct and cross examination questions.

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