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Richard R. Souviron, DDS, ABFO is an Associate Medical Examiner and Chief Forensic Dentist for Miami Dade County, Florida. He has served in this capacity of associate medical examiner for over 35 years. His responsibility to the citizens include the determination and gathering of dental evidence to assist Law Enforcement Agencies, making positive identifications of deceased, identifying and documenting bite mark evidence and testifying as an expert witness for both the prosecution and defense (State Attorney and Public Defender Office).

Dr. Souviron has been involved in many high profile criminal cases serving for both prosecution and defense. He served as the states expert witness in the case of Florida vs. Ted Bundy and a defense expert in State of Oklahoma vs. Willhoit and State of Louisiana vs. Keko. He also reviewed and was prepared to testify on behalf of the defense in the Marv Albert case and reviewed alleged bite mark evidence in the O.J. Simpson case.

Dr. Souviron reviews and provides dental identification opinions both by means of dental records and by smiling photographs in over a 100 cases a year. His techniques in matching a decedents anterior teeth with an ante-mortem family smiling photograph set national standards in 1980 in the State of Alabama vs. Glenn and Sue Dolvin. He has provided dental identification expertise to the Dade County Medical Examiner's Office in mass disasters including Eastern Airlines flight 401, Valujet flight 592, and Fine Air Flight 101.  He has had occasion to testify in court on behalf of the State in identification cases involving extremely complicated and difficult dental IDís such as the identification of Jimmy Ryce. 

Dr. Souviron has expertise in utilizing specialized photographic and radiological techniques for identification and bite mark evaluations. His expertise with digitally enhanced radiographs, photographs and impressions is used routinely in assessing bite mark evidence. He was the first to develop the technique for lifting a bite print and has lectured and published on this subject.

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