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Risk Management grows in importance as the practice of dentistry and the nature of consumerism changes. As corporatization grows in dentistry through management groups and manage care, the potential for litigation increases. Patients and attorneys are more likely to go after the "impersonal deep pocket". In the last two decades the six figure jury award in cases of dental malpractice have caused insurance companies to re-assess not only their rates but their settlement practices. Dr. Souviron has provided expert testimony for Plaintiffs in several cases in which jury awards have been in the seven figures and many others in which settlements or jury awards have been in the six figures. Dr. Souviron also has participated as an expert witness on behalf of defendant dentists in many cases where the potential awards were substantial. His testimony has been instrumental in jury opinions for the defendant dentist. His opinion for plaintiff reviews have prevented most cases from proceeding to litigation. In fact the majority of his opinions deal with the lack of a deviation of the standard of care.

In addition to Dr. Souviron’s expert witness testimony he provides a multitude of Risk Management services ranging from comprehensive courses for dentist and staff to Risk Management audit to independent chart review and mock patient visit. His expertise ranges from developing a risk management program for dental residents to guiding a new DMSO through its growing pains into a safe medical/legal environment.

Dr. Souviron has provided expert testimony and provided Risk Management reviews for attorney’s and insurance companies. He has actively participated in the trial phase of many important dental malpractice cases throughout the United States. His testimony in malpractice cases has never been disqualified by any court of law.

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