TMJ or TMD, temporomandibular joint disorder is one of the most controversial dental disorders.  It is a relatively new science and the full list of causative and exacerbating factors is only today being elucidated.

TMJ/TMD is a true group of phenomena, which can include muscular disorders, myofascial pain disorder, fibromyalgia, arthridities, neuropathies, orthopedic dislocations, trauma, micro trauma, malocclusion and oncologic diagnoses.  They are painful, often chronically so, and can limit function to the point that patients become despondent and non functional. Hence, as in any chronic pain disorders, there are true psychosocial overlays to these disorders.

Because of the emotions surrounding this type of disorder, many patients seek relief from supposed "experts" who lack training, experience and the expertise to properly diagnose and treat the disorder. Most attorneys and insurance adjusters have real difficulties in finding true expertise in TMJ/TMD. Both sides, Plaintiff and Defense, want to know the truth as to causation, pre-existing condition, degree of injury and permanency if any.

By incorporating the experience of over 40 years treating TMJ/TMD patients in his private practice, adhering to a philosophy of conservatism and reversibility in treatment modalities and being a national trendsetter in the implementation of computerized electronic documentation of joint and muscular dysfunction. His experience with the legal process and court testimony in continuity with his diagnostic and testing skills makes him uniquely qualified. Dr. Souviron has paid his dues and sealed his credibility as one of the few true TMJ/TMD experts in the country.

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